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The company microsample combines the best of both, the world of mechanical engineering and materials science. This is achieved by the two divisions of the company, which is an engineering office for materials science and the branch of metal technology. We have broad experience in materials science and material testing, which is incorporated into the development of our specimen fabrication tool and test method. By pooling the competences from both areas we’ll always try to find the most propitious solution for your special needs in specimen fabrication and materials testing.



Company Foundation

The company was founded in 1988 by Adolf Rathmayr in Scharnstein, Austria. The company’s key products were instructional and teaching material for technical subjects like technical drawing. For the fabrication of these special products, design and construction of own machinery and equipment have already been done. Building machines and devices has always been the company’s core area of expertise, which has been acquired in the course of re-establishment.


Scientific Background

Dr. Georg Rathmayr completed his studies with a diploma in the field of materials science at the University of Leoben in 2008. In the frame of his diploma thesis he studied the mechanical properties of different engineering materials in the sub-micrometer range. In his PhD thesis at the Erich Schmid Institute of Materials Science of the Austrian Academy of Science, he deepened his knowledge in this research field through studies of the mechanical properties of nanocrystalline materials.
Following his doctoral thesis, he moved to the private industry in 2012 working as specialized engineer for hot-dip galvanized flat products. In addition to the purely technical aspects he could also expand his professional knowledge on production-related testing as well as maintenance and operation of industrial facilities through this activity.



In the beginning of 2015, the company microsample was founded by Dr. Georg Rathmayr in the  branch of metal technology in the course of re-establishment. In August 2015, the company was enlarged by an engineering office for materials science.
The company’s main goals are to conduct high-quality tensile tests on specimens on the meso-scale,  a continuous further development of the fabrication process as well as the sale and service of the specimen fabrication tool. The company is still headquartered in Scharnstein, Austria.


First Prototype

In summer 2016, we finalized our first prototype for series production. The advancement is based on the experience with our first device including a major redesign, which features an user-friendly operation without a compromise in terms of quality.


Extension Service Sector

In 2016, our company extended its service sector.


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